About Richard

Coaching 2 Create is a Life coaching company based in Nottingham. We believe in you and your potential rather than drawing in aims and knowledge from the outside. We don't believe you are broken and need fixing. We believe in working with people organically, that the client is whole and ever changing in the present moment.

We have a system of tools that has been cultivated over years of experience and practice working in the field of life coaching and personal development that touches not just the human and sometimes seemingly mundane aspects of personal development, but of the trans-personal nature of our humanity, and our divinity.

Hi, I'm Richard Andrew Holmes INLPTA NLPP. Dip NLPC, CRC-SBMA, MARK.CPD, an innovative pioneer in the field of Trauma Resolution, NLP Psychotherapy, Life Coaching and Spiritual Development. I built the company on the belief that any individual can transform their lives with the right set of tools and beliefs. this has manifested into Coaching2Create. We live in an exciting time on this planet where anything is becoming possible. Come and learn this mindset and make your dreams become a reality. Whatever they are. The potential lies in you!

INLPTA Practitioner